Help us celebrate and honor the rich history and culture of Portsmouth by visiting our special Black History exhibits. Make sure you also check out our list of special events happening throughout the month.

Black History Month 2020 Temporary Photo Display:

Portraits of Service: Portsmouth African Americans in the Military, 1946 – 1967 Photographs from the collection of the Portsmouth Public Library

January 17 – February 29, 2020
Portsmouth City Hall Lobby, 801 Crawford St.

After World War II, the “Colored Notes column of the Portsmouth Star newspaper described happenings in the African American community. The column included frequent photographs of local residents in military service. View this collection of military portraits and original captions in this temporary display for Black History Month 2020.

January 17 – February 29, 2020
Main Branch of the Portsmouth Public Library, 601 Court St.

Grove Baptist Church has contributed to Portsmouth’s spiritual, social, and community life since its establishment in 1840. Learn more about this historic congregation, founded as an African American offshoot of a 19th century white church. Vintage images and articles will highlight the ways in which this long-standing church has truly become a Portsmouth Institution.

A Community Comes Together:
The Story of the Portsmouth Community Library

In the permanent exhibit gallery of the Portsmouth Colored Community Library Museum

Ongoing Discover the history of this small building with a large story to tell. Learn how Portsmouth’s African American community worked together to establish a library that served black residents in the era of segregation. See photos of the building in its original location, and learn about the people and events that led to the establishment of this vital resource that lasted until the integration of Portsmouth’s libraries in the early 1960s.